BE:FIRST ファンミのスタート、THE FIRST FINAL配信決定、SHOTAのデビュー、レイちゃんのアカペラ、エムオンのゴスペル、これってBMSGからのクリスマスプレゼント?

BE:FIRST ファンミのスタート、THE FIRST FINAL配信決定、SHOTAのデビュー、レイちゃんのアカペラ、エムオンのゴスペル、これってBMSGからのクリスマスプレゼント?




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Just switched the TV on to watch the first WorldCup2022 semi-final only to find people are still talking about a team that is no longer in the competition. I thought Argentina & Croatia were playing tonight. For goodness sake let it go.

Messi and Argentina vs Modric and Croatia with a spot in the final on the line 😤 , , …

First semi final of the World Cup tonight and u wouldn’t know it because Gary Neville is talking about how great Southgate is, it’s so fucking boring

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🏀CBB First Looks!🔥 Got some big lines today! Some dogs, 🐶some favs!🤩 These are not the Final bets! 📲TELL me where you disagree! 🗣️Comment ✅Follow ❤️Like ↪️Retweet!

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We get revenge first from Modric side then Mbappe in the final. This is 2022 not 2018.

Can we just appreciate how amazing it is that Jowita, Vito and Carlos all made it to the final in their first year with…

Congratulations to the Atlas Lions, and to King Mohammed VI and the people of Morocco, on the historic feat of becoming the fi…

Today we remember Heather North who was born on this day in 1945. She first began voicing Daphne in the second season of…

We&039;re getting close! The first semi-final starts soon on: Tweet along using SBSWorldCu…

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If you did know what you are talking about, the Jews are Jesus&039;s chosen people, and on the final day he will recall all his people first before he recalls those chosen people he wakes that he is calling home to live in eternity with him!