【One Last Kiss】一人の男が歌詞を分析するラジオ#32【宇多田ヒカル】

【One Last Kiss】一人の男が歌詞を分析するラジオ#32【宇多田ヒカル】






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ok to clarify kit said it was a during a practice kiss i just immediately thought abt the arcade one last night since thats the one they filmed and joe was drinking coffee sooo sorry for the confusion xxx

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✨ New Year&039;s Kiss I&039;m preparing my best last year kiss and first of the next year Weyitzkuintli 😘💕 And you, who will you kiss at midnight? ➡️

宇多田ヒカル『One Last Kiss』 via 初めてのルーブルは何てことはなかったわ

Wasn&039;t Creatures the last time a KISS album came out that said featuring and named songs by Gene? Might have been the last time too.

undoubtedly something that everyone has been looking forward to since last week. blend in a series of entrancing and exquisite dance moves. finally i got the opportunity to take a part in GBGB alongside with the handsome hyung, taehyun! i got a kiss!☺️😳

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that time again huh. i swear we had one of these last month… 💀 ✨totemtwtselfieday ✨ likes and rts get a kiss ht…

やっぱりOne last kissからのBeautiful worldの流れが好きすぎるなこれ 以前言ってた僕を好きで居てくれている人を喜ばせたい的なニュアンス(一語一句は多分合ってない)の気持ちがすごい伝わってくる。 いつもありがとうだあー! 大好きだあああああああああ かなたんしか勝たん