穿越瓦屋山迷魂凼探险的第二天@素(速)行者@青岛摄影师杰瑞#探险 海岛生存,东南亚荒岛生存,户外探险运动,这里你想看的冒险都有~#探险#荒野生存#海岛#户外#冒险#沙漠

穿越瓦屋山迷魂凼探险的第二天@素(速)行者@青岛摄影师杰瑞#探险 海岛生存,东南亚荒岛生存,户外探险运动,这里你想看的冒险都有~#探险#荒野生存#海岛#户外#冒险#沙漠
Outdoor adventure is more popular and popular in China, and has a certain degree of recognition for various outdoor activities, such as outdoor camping, mountain climbing, skiing, self-driving, horse riding, and so on. At the same time, it also recommends and promotes some more novel and exciting outdoor sports for readers, such as paragliding, diving and so on.
二、1. Clothing: Jackets (required for outdoor activities, windproof, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant…), fleece (including WINDSTOPPER, mainly windproof and warm), sweat-wicking underwear (keep your body dry after outdoor sports) , Quick-drying underwear (necessary for travel in summer, trousers and sleeves are best detachable), down underwear (necessary for warmth when traveling in winter or going to the plateau), other personal clothing (disposable underwear, undershirt, T-shirt) …)
四、2. Footwear and socks: hiking shoes (strong adaptability, wear resistance, waterproof, preferably medium and high top, can protect the ankle, light sports casual shoes (suitable for general outing activities, or when driving), sports sandals (It can be worn as slippers, or can be worn directly on foot in summer), sweat-wicking socks (preferably made of COOLMAX material, worn with GORE-TEX shoes, which can wick sweat and prevent frostbite in winter), ordinary sports socks (cotton, Wear comfortable), snow cover (very useful in snow or muddy roads)
3. Hats: hats, gloves, glasses: sun hats (rounded, baseball cap style, whatever you like, can block the sun), fleece hats (mainly to keep warm), thin gloves (mainly for convenient activities, such as It can be used for taking pictures, etc.), thick gloves (mainly to keep warm), glasses (sports type is better, the main function is to shade, can also be used to show cool)
野外最大的问题就是水,我们可以找取植物果实来补充适当的水份,包括植物的根茎,可以利用自带的水货,或矿泉水瓶制作简易的过滤器,(方法:在瓶子内内依次铺上布条,沙石,细沙布条 然后把需要过滤的水放在过滤器内即可)通过该过滤器可以过滤简单的水质,另外雨水有时候可以少量直接饮用,避免脱水。
4. Basic knowledge of survival in the wild
More and more people like to go wild, but nature is sometimes ruthless. We must learn to protect ourselves when we go out in the wild. Below, I will write down some of the problems and solutions that may be overtaken in the wild.
The biggest problem in the wild is water. We can find plant fruits to supplement proper water, including plant rhizomes. We can use our own parallel imports or mineral water bottles to make simple filters (method: shop in the bottle in turn Put on cloth strips, sandstones, fine sand cloth strips and put the water to be filtered in the filter. Simple water quality can be filtered through this filter. In addition, rainwater can sometimes be directly consumed in small amounts to avoid dehydration.
Next comes the problem of sleep. Humans don’t have thick fur like animals, so we have to find a space suitable for our temporary sleep in the wild. Tents and sleeping bags are indispensable in areas where the climate and various conditions are extremely harsh, such as deserts or polar regions. If you have made preparations and inspection work, and can use local materials smoothly, it is best. You can create a shelter that can prevent sun exposure and wind and sand. For example, in the desert, camels can be used to block a lot of wind and sand, so that camels can be blocked. Surrounding the tent can fight the sandstorm. Discarded cars can also be used for shelter at critical times, so don’t let go of any available resources.
If you are in a mountainous area, you can find a small cave, and the entrance of the cave is blocked with rocks while resting.

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2の世界の最悪レベル7 最高神アフラ・マズダー6 アフラ・マズダーとは、素戔嗚尊(国常立尊=バアル=艮の金神=天之御中主神=素神)。AN王=アフラ・マズダ―(バアル)、称号を貰ったエノク。夜明け前に帰って来た。

白山神社(文京区) 祭神 菊理姫命、伊弉諾命、伊弉冉命 日本書紀に唯一行だけ登場する菊理姫命。 伊弉諾と伊弉冉の間を取り持ち、伊弉冉をきちんと黃泉の國へ送り返し、再生儀礼としての葬式を行い、かつ伊弉諾へ禊祓をさせて天照大神・月讀命・素戔嗚尊が誕生する。


リミ基準でローテの被害被った夜天の雑ナーフ。 リミを犠牲にしてローテで平然としてるジェネシスと駄犬。 後、タイプ:アーティファクトを素で持ってるデザインをどっかの馬鹿が追加したから6種類って条件はナーフ前のアルテマに近いくらい緩々。 AFはデッキに埋め込むデザインじゃなかったっけ?

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