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The leader of a neo-Nazi terror group in Michigan was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday after spending years preparing to kill police and minorities and attack the headquarters of VICE News in an effort to hasten a “coming race war.”

kelan kaya mapaparusahan ang facebook, tiktok, and youtube for tolerating fake news? laking ambag nila sa pag lubog ng ban…

Elementary School children. Elementary School children. Think about THAT now before the next piece of news distracts yo…

[기사] #방탄소년단, 글로벌 인기 현재진행형…美 빌보드 장기 흥행

I think there was misunderstanding ystd from the news article/preview, cuz I saw some twt things like how svt was about to no…

北が計3発の弾道ミサイル 韓国軍 日本の外傷、いえ、外相がのんびりと「北朝鮮にワクチンを💕」と言ってるお礼がミサイルか。 林害相、こんな国に何をしてやると?

They have undermined your government, betrayed it, and they&039;re proud about it. They have discredited your news, and spread their own lies, and they&039;re proud about it. They have obstructed progress on every front and it&039;s the core of their identity.

***BREAKING NEWS*** After hearing of the latest, previously unreported, Downing St party (TM - all rights reserved) Sue Gray…

이러려고 민정수석실 폐지했나…‘한동훈 소통령’ 현실화 (출처 : 한겨레 | 네이버 뉴스) 검찰 인사권을 쥔 한동훈 법무부 장관이 본인 직속으로 정부 고위직 인사검증을 담당하는…

>学校向けの衛生管理マニュアルで文科省が示している基準から変更はないが マニュアルに変更はない。あくまで「改めて周知」というだけ それなのに、一気に「外させよう」の勢いの学校も出て来ている。とても違和感を感じます …

From a news report: ".....the deadliest shooting at an elementary school since...." What kind of shithole country is able to…