🔴[ASMR] New Higher sound quality, Ear Massage & Tingles, Whispering【KU100】

🔴[ASMR] New Higher sound quality, Ear Massage & Tingles, Whispering【KU100】
Thank you so much for visiting my channel! My name is macoto.(まこと)
🌸[movie] Costume ear licking
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$100,000 USD audio equipment!(Mic$10,000 USD.Comp, EQ, limiter, preamplifier $90,000 USD.)

I am an audiophile and collect various audio equipment.
ASMR streams are planned around 1.5 hours, starting from 0 AM, JST (irregular schedule).
May the sleep sounds bring peace in your daily lives.
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All of the background music in my stream are my own original songs.
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Leighton Flowers agreeing with Andy Stanley on teaching the church what tickles the ear rather than Truth.

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