05 Toshie Misumi(左)

05 Toshie Misumi(左)
発表会 by team aya



01.Nobuko Muraki
02.Tomomi Goka
03.Yui Takanami
04.Michiru Watanabe
05.Toshie Misumi
06.Mika Inamitsu
07.Takeko Minami

08.Yuri Tateno
09.Maki Shikama
10.Yuki Kitazawa
11.Fumiko Wako
12.Sachie Tajima
13.Nobuko Muraki

振付・指導 Aya Tanoue

Leo Messi: "I was angry because a coach like Van Gaal, with the experience he has... For him to speak the way he did, t…

a pen shootout when it ain’t your team playing is the most entertaining thing💀

Van Gaal: "With me in charge we played 20 games and we didn&039;t lose one game. You can&039;t say we did bad." …

Leo Messi: "I don&039;t like people talking before games. The 19th [Weghorst] came and started to provoke us, bump into us,…

Emiliano Martinez: “I heard Van Gaal say that if we go to penalties that they will have an advantage, I think he needs to k…

Thiago Silva… 💔 “Unfortunately, as a player, I will not be able to lift this trophy.”

Ata Manchester sijai ona waki lia ivi na vile hua wana pigwa ata bao nne 1st half

"Messi is still alive... Argentina 🇦🇷 is still alive..." - Peter Drury FIFAWorldCup


いま、女子高生の会話聞こえてきて 「うち笑い方かえるわー。今まではあはははだったでしょ。これからはうふふふふにするわ!あははははー」 あほか笑

Ever lost interest in someone you really liked because of bad communication and unmatched energy?

みんな酒入ってるの知らんけどわりと素のテンションだった 『こっち側』だと思われてたらしいがたぶんそう