14 EFFECTIVE Ear Infection, Earache & Ear Pain Home Remedies

14 EFFECTIVE Ear Infection, Earache & Ear Pain Home Remedies
If you are suffering from ear pain as the result of an ear infection, there are some home remedies that you can help to soothe ear pain. Here are some of the most common remedies to treat ear infections:
1. Cold or Warm Compresses
Warm and cold compresses, such as an ice or heat pack, can ease ear pain. For warm compresses, you can use a heating pad or a damp cloth that has been soaked in warm water. Make sure the heating pad is warm, never hot. For cool compresses, place an ice pack or a cloth soaked in cold water on the affected ear.
You can try both temperatures to see which helps more or alternate between a warm compress and a cold one every 10 minutes. Keep the compress on the ear until the pain subsides or the compress returns to room temperature.
2. Naturopathic Ear Drops
Naturopathic ear drops are made using herbal extracts and can be as, if not more, effective than over-the-counter ear drops. Those with a base of olive oil are most effective. There are plenty of naturopathic eardrops available to manage pain associated with ear infections. For example, tea tree oil eardrops can offer natural pain relief.
3. Chew Gum
Ear pain can be caused by a change in ear pressure. If you develop earache while flying or driving at high altitudes, try chewing gum. Chewing gum or sucking on hard candy can reduce the pressure build-up in the ear, relieving pain.
4. Sleep Upright
Your sleep position can exacerbate earache. Lying flat can cause fluid to build in the ear. Changing your position to a more upright one encourages fluid to drain from the ear, reducing the pressure.
Try propping yourself up with some pillows or resting in a reclined armchair and sleep with the infected ear raised, rather than against the pillow to encourage better draining.
5. Warm Olive Oil
If you are suffering from earache thanks to a middle ear infection, warm olive oil or vegetable oil can help. Olive oil is a folk remedy, and while there is little solid evidence that it works, medical experts agree that putting a few drops of warm olive oil in the ear is safe and moderately effective.
To avoid burning the eardrum, ensure the oil is no warmer than your body temperature. Using an ear dropper, gently drip the warm oil into the infected ear canal and hold it in place using a cotton ball. While this offers pain relief for middle ear infections, it isn’t usually very effective for outer ear infections.
6. Ginger Oil or Juice
Ginger is packed full of natural anti-inflammatory properties that relieve the pain caused by an ear infection. For this folk remedy, you can use ginger juice, or you can heat oil with ginger and strain to make a ginger oil.
There are several ways to use ginger for earache, but the most important thing to remember is never to pour ginger oil directly into the ear canal. Instead, apply ginger juice or warm ginger oil to the outer ear canal.
7. Garlic
Garlic is another powerful home remedy. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and pain reliever, making it an effective treatment for outer and middle ear infections.
To use, first make garlic oil. You can do this by soaking crushed garlic in warm oil such as olive or sesame for a couple of minutes. Next, strain the garlic and gently pour the oil into the ear canal.
8. Vitamin d
This may seem unrelated to ear infections, but vitamin d is known to boost the immune system. A healthier immune system is less likely to be susceptible to ear infections. A 2017 study published in a medical journal showed that the risk of ear infections might be reduced by increasing serum levels of vitamin D through food consumption, supplementation, and direct sunlight.

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