160123 Cry out – One Ok Rock

160123 Cry out – One Ok Rock
23rd January 2016
One Ok Rock 35xxxv Asia Tour – Singapore

Another amazing night 😭
Shot on iPhone, excuse the quality x

why does this kinda make me wanna cry. my favorite parts of the show are when they’re all just hanging out and being normal and goofy together </3

[prays] [prayers not answered] [life is hard] [cries] [prays more] [prayers not answered *ever harder*] [cries aga…

Thread 1 "The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them." - Lois McMaster We want…

As long as you&039;re in peace, i will cry out my happy tears for you. Thank you for working hard.

Just wanna sit here and cry in sujood over the floor until all my worries and sins melt out. ♥️🥹

Keep donating to Democrats. Keep voting for Democrats. Keep reaching out to register more Democrats. Lather. Rinse.…

Wait until he finds out most of sony&039;s current studios are via acquisition. He can cry more

tiffany pollard new york fingindo choro dizendo que está chorando internamente choro interno - I never seen someone cry with their tears not coming out. so, I just want to make sure- because it&039;s a inner cry bitch my heart is crying

Nothing makes me cry more than your friends never inviting you anywhere leaving you alone while they’re all together… happy 4th y’all, I’m gonna go ball my eyes out now. 🥹

all of these fireworks, (that are being set off right outside my window), are freaking me out so bad that i am starting to shake & trying not to cry;; so fun🙃

one firework is louder than the others, and thats when erwin stops his joking. bc levi cowers, petrified, searching for comfort in erwin. "levi-" another firework, and levi feels his bottom lip curl. not to cry, no, but out of fear. erwin probably thinks hes so fucking stupid.

My genesis on The name of this work is: Aullido a Dios Collection: Surreal Dreams Describes a feeling we all…

some nights you’ll cry your eyes out some you’ll laugh your head off. some days you won’t want to get out of bed. some…