Massive tsunami after a terrifying Volcano eruption in Tonga || 15.01.2022

Massive tsunami after a terrifying Volcano eruption in Tonga || 15.01.2022
Tsunami waves measuring 2 feet in height were observed by sea-level gauges at the capital of the U.S. territory of American Samoa following volcanic activity in Tonga, the U.S.-based Pacific tsunami warning center said

The tsunami threat continues and sea level fluctuations and strong ocean currents pose hazards along beaches in harbors, the tsunami monitor said in a statement.


The Tongan eruption on Jan 15 increased H2O in the stratosphere by 10%: H2O causes 97% of the GH effect Thus this would have increased the GH effect by more than 100 times the HUMAN CONTRIBUTION. If there was a "tipping point", this would have been it.

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Omiten deliberadamente, la erupción volcánica del Honga Tonga, causante del calentamiento este año

Tora debería ser sancionada pero GH solo vende con lo de Alfa. Al margen de eso q ya debería estar en placa, espero q no ganen: Tora, Cata, Nacho. Espero q gane Marcos y alguien más.

6 Its been cooling, I know its opposite to what was precited in Aus and NZ champ 7 Volecnoes up 300% still and I predicted several eruptions and outbreaks of NLCs and cooling where yo live 8 Was right about Tonga and Iceland among others

Understanding the small island experience is crucial to understanding how the climate negotiations are working. Talk to Sione Fulivai (Tonga) because he is awesome ! cop27

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Great question. Reminds me of a Bemba friend who didnt want me to speak Tonga with my Tonga friends and relatives.

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