Morioka Traditional Culture PR Videoもりおかの民俗芸能PR動画(long Ver.)

Morioka Traditional Culture PR Videoもりおかの民俗芸能PR動画(long Ver.)
【Video overview】
#盛岡 #Traditional Culture #PR
We will introduce the folk performance arts born of Morioka’s ancient nature and history here.
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Performing group
・Omiya Kagura Preservation Society
・Morioka Sansa Odori Seiryu
・Miss Sansa Odori Dancers
・Yanagawa Takadate Kenbai Preservation Society
・Kurokawa Ta’ue Odori Preservation Society
・Yamagishi Shishi Odori Preservation Society
Shooting location
・Omiya Shrine
・Shiwa Castle History Park
・City of Morioka Central Park
・Morioka Handicrafts Village – Nanbu Magariya
・Morioka Castle Site Park
Production company Gurunavi,Inc
【For Inquiries ,please contact】
Morioka City Board of Education Secretariat History Culture Division

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