S1E5 The Generations | Miss Montreal vs. Thomas Spaans

S1E5 The Generations | Miss Montreal vs. Thomas Spaans
In deze aflevering van een zangwedstrijd zoals The Voice of Holland gaan Miss Montreal en Thomas Spaans de battle aan om de …

It’s about time, you communist bastard. Your legacy will be written by us and though its hard to imagine anyone could sully your family name more, you have destroyed it for generations. Rot in prison.

"For the final 35 years of her life, Jenkins lived across the street ...watching land that had been in her family for three…

I started smoking at age the age of 13. I would not wish my curse on the next generation. Please, pass the Generational En…


Russians are generally a very backward people and have been kept that way for generations. The string of dictators realize that education and particularly historical education is not favorable and threatens their stranglehold on keeping elitists in power.

【ぽここ当選報告】 ㊗️ヒビノグループ 様より 『オリジナルタオル』いただきました🎉✨✨ とても触り心地が良く 色も使いやすそうでこの夏活躍しそうです😆✨ この度はありがとうございました🙏💕 当選報告 懸賞仲間…

Tell me you need clout, it&039;ll be accepted. But don&039;t go on to pronounce Zidane as the🐐 midfielder. It&039;s disrespectful to many quality midfielders over the generations gone by.

We can not let this go. You are endorsing DeshaunWatson and his behavior as a team and influencer for our children and future generations. You say, "Hey rape/grope/threaten/touch who you want because you&039;re an athlete, rules don&039;t apply"

Thank you Mike for inspiring me to get involved in politics, always welcoming me and my advocacy into your office for advic…

J&039;ai ce conflit à chaque fois qu&039;on se voit avec ma mère ptdr. A chaque fois elle me dit que c&039;est nos générations qui savent pas travailler avec des contraintes. La réalité c&039;est juste qu&039;on a vu ce que ça faisait sur eux d&039;en avoir trop et qu&039;on veut pas la même vie

まじでGENEのリリイベ動物園じゃんwwwwww 檻から抜け出せないGENEちゃんの図wwwwww GENERATIONS チカラノカギリ

You’re splitting hairs over minor words. Brigham took over as ‘prophet’ after Smith and vowed vengeance and made Mormons swear oaths of vengeance to 4 generations upon America.

Professor , head of the Space Physics Research Group at the , argues that we must rethink our current approach to Space if we are to keep it open for use by future generations. Read all about it in 🛰️🚀👏