Tsunami generated after volcanic eruption near Tonga | 7NEWS

Tsunami generated after volcanic eruption near Tonga | 7NEWS
The Pacific Island nation of Tonga remains cut off from the world with the full impact of a devastating tsunami still not fully known.

It follows the eruption of an underwater volcano about 65 kilometres north of Tonga’s capital. The force was enough for tsunami warnings to reach Australia with the effects felt as far away as the United States.

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The "Friendly Community Technology" can monitor and detect anomalies in sea levels and deliver warnings in real time. For example, in 2022 the system successfully detected tsunami in Tonga and helped to save many lives. Watch the video to learn more 👉

Last winter, a volcano in Tonga blew its top. New pressure wave analyses reveal an explosion to rival the 19th-century Krakatau…

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When an undersea volcano erupted in Tonga in January, its watery blast was huge and unusual — and scientists are still trying to understand its impacts.

Kudos👏🏽 “🇹🇴2 families have moved into their new homes built after being displaced by the volcanic eruption & tsunami disasters. ⁩ Tonga donated $250,000 to support the affected people allowing ⁦⁩ to construct the houses”

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Wave created by Tonga volcano eruption reached 90 meters — nine times taller than 2011 Japan tsunami | Geology GeologyPa…

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“This was a once-in-a-lifetime event,” one scientist said about the eruption.