Louis Farrakhan | Cassette Tape (Side B) | April 1989

Louis Farrakhan | Cassette Tape (Side B) | April 1989
This is an Audio Cassette Tape of Louis Farrakhan Speech, April 1989. This File Was Converted & Digitally Enhanced to Render Into a MP4 Using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have a cassette tape of the Dead Scromitting from ‘73 that will blow you’re mind. My older bro got it for me when I was 15 and I’ve been scromitting as often as I can ever since!

Til they&039;re spread across the open road &039;Til they&039;re spread across the asphalt, on the open road &039;Til they&039;re streaming in the wind like cassette tape or jellyfish Long dark veins and records playing memories

I don’t think I have a cassette player in my drawers. Too bad…I would have sent it to you so you can find out what’s on the tape.

The question is what tunes are on that tape and do you still have a cassette player?

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Thanks dude. Yeah I’m a big emo fan. Listened to a lot of Mineral, American Football, Promise Ring etc growing up alongside punk. Still love them all too. The tape for this album actually he put out. My buddy Cory.

I don&039;t trust or like most anyone who Purchased their Grateful Dead bootleg cassette tape collection. Also, he&039;s not been in the family circle and has no credibility to sing Ripple or Black Muddy River while Bob Weir is on the same stage. If he only played guitar, maybe.......

" わたし "折れた針の保管用に裁縫箱に長年フィルムケースを入れていて、丁度使う瞬間が訪れ娘に取ってと頼んだら…それが何かも開け方すら分からない様子。Cassette Tapeを知らない世代、セピアに出てくるフィルムも分からなかった😱バ…

This was the first piece of music I ever bought with my own money, got the cassette tape at the mall and that was one of the most important events of my life 🤘🔥

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she a 10 but her daddy told her how to fix cars maybe she can fix me. I want a throwback kid who loves Missy Elliott who…