The End of SCP-173 As You Know It (And I Feel Fine)

The End of SCP-173 As You Know It (And I Feel Fine)
If you look closely you’ll see that I had a nosebleed just prior to recording and didn’t catch it until I was editing. So that’s nice.

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The corpses are then to be nailed to the wall outside Researcher Talloran&039;s office and lit on fire after being doused with exactly 10 L of gasoline. Researcher Talloran is to be restrained and made to kneel in front of the corpses



・SCP財団のプラットフォームのWikidotが落ちたままです ・Wikidotが落ちること自体はかなり頻繁に起きています ・しかし今回はWikidotの公式Twitterアカウントが“3年半の沈黙を破り”、「問題に対処しています」と言及しま…


Might hafta fly to Vegas to see the blue helmets IRL. I wanna see if the $SCP community is weird AF like they r online. i&039;m…

여러분... SCP는 괴이로부터 우리를 지켜주는 재단입니다 SPC가 망해야합니다