Introducing Cherry’s new 💕boyfriend 💕|~|short story in desc

Introducing Cherry’s new 💕boyfriend 💕|~|short story in desc

Cherry: wut-.__.

Ametelo:nah don’t care abt her let’s go babe:)

Cherry:oki òwó

Sista aka cloudy: :’)mah sista has finally grown up waitttt can I go with u guys:)

Cherry:ofc sista òwó



Ametelo:love u cherry;)

Cherry:love u too hehe -v-

Sista aka cloudy:awwwww:’]


tysm for this ga!! and happy happy birthday to our reliable cherry leader, scoups!! 🥳🍒 #돌고돌아다시찾아온_승철이의계절 CheersForScoupsDay

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슴콘에서 티저..?? 같은거 보여줬으몉 좋겠다 그럼 오열할 자신있음ㅇㅇ

Never forgetting a man asking me if I’ve listened to cherry bomb yet..

もっと良く撮れてる写真もらった📸一緒に行った子ライダー派だから、お互い夢中になって途中別行動し始めたの面白かったw わんわん🐶