N1- 『MUSIC BLOOD』次回ゲストはNovel Core SKY-HI主宰レーベル第1号

N1- 『MUSIC BLOOD』次回ゲストはNovel Core SKY-HI主宰レーベル第1号
N1- 『MUSIC BLOOD』次回ゲストはNovel Core SKY-HI主宰レーベル第1号

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[Preorder] Inhaler - Cuts & Bruises (Zoetrope) via /r/VinylReleases vinyl vinylrecords viny…

I&039;m a capricorn, I love pink, full moon, money, spicy and sweet food, perfume, music, cat, dog, hamster, and quite many more like that, I hate mathematics, seafood, insect and anything that startle me, my blood type is A, my MBTI test says that I&039;m a INTJ-T, whatever.

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TJD song of the day - JosHUA! (Aka ClarkHUA!) as featured on Fusion Fest official playlist. Get your blood pumping, stream now! spotify playlist music2022 Streaming music

My 6-year-old’s thoughts on Coldplay’s Rush of Blood to the Head: “What is this called, Music Made by Assholes?”

I don&039;t know if my blood pressure could handle being a hardcore soccer fan. It is INTENSE.

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Ahhh yes the great combustibles that burn in the fire of desire. The same flames that refine emotion into…