SVDDEN DEATH Y Slander – Blood On Me

SVDDEN DEATH Y Slander – Blood On Me

I discovered his work through Blood on the Tracks. I immediately bought and read everything he&039;d done. He&039;s quickly become one of my favorite mangaka. His mangas remind me of Leonard Cohen music, the way he mixes themes of love, longing with loneliness, despair & cringe-horror.

Why did he drop the same album with the songs in reverse order this a rhetorical question lol

My playlist so diverse, you could go from some major crippin, blood shit and stop the violence music all in a matter of 5 songs

Nightmare is their peers for wisdom, and their music and blood. If Bengali ؟? نمشے 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹

Also music. If I&039;m not in the mood to make art (which is all the time) I&039;ll put on some stuff like metal to get my blood pumping. Undefeatable from Sonic Frontiers has been pushing me to make extreme sketches.

01. Not a mix, just some music from the shelves. Stretching across lots of genres but with music from Weyes Blood, DJ Shadow, Matthew Halsall, Nina Simone, Fela Kuti, St Germain, Ane Brun, Jose Gonzalez and The Doors, among many others.

“I’ve got Arabic music in my blood.” – Stewart Copeland Performed: Detroit, Michigan

Melty Blood Actress Again Music: "The theme of Arcueid" (Back alley) Composition: Raito | Guitar : a2c Full: …

Discipline With frantic, winged; music and blood. If Bengali is my all ؟? نمشے 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹 🔹H20🔹

Flesh and bone Blood and timber Bread and wine We remember  Hearts of stone Slaved in prison  Found their freedom In surr…